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Day-Time and MH Mode Unlocker for Slender v0.9.6

Posted by CoreCapator on 05/08/2012

A simple registry file that enables Day-Time and MH mode in Slender.

– Slender v0.9.6 for Windows

1. Launch the game once then exit.
2. Run the “Day-Time and MH Mode Unlocker for Slender v0.9.6” and click on yes.
3. Launch the game, go to extras and click on “Daytime” or “MH” circle button to enable your desired mode.

1. Run Uninstaller.reg, click yes on prompt.

Mod Version:
v0.1 (Latest)

Download Link:
Download from Game Front
Download from Hotfile

VirusTotal Link:
VirusTotal Scan Result

Click on thumbnail to enlarge.
Day-Time Mode

Change Log:
v0.1 – Initial Release

16 Responses to “Day-Time and MH Mode Unlocker for Slender v0.9.6”

  1. Anonymous said

    Where is 20$ mode? We want that more than day or MH mode

  2. Slenderman said

    Ace, it isnt gimme 20$ mode its 20$ mode. GIVE US THE 20$ MODE FOR 0.9.7!!!!!

  3. Seth said

    Add fucking $20 dollars mode!

  4. Anonymous said

    Please add 20$ mode

  5. Anonymous said

    is it illegal?

  6. blah said

    why don’t you include 20$ mode in these registry modifiers?

    • Because, its basically day-time mode with 5 seconds of rap song, hence why it’s not in my top priority. Besides, I have bigger stuff to work on currently. Maybe I’ll add it sometime in the future.

      • Anonymous said

        I say , it’s because that the 20$ mode is what most people looked for than ordinary day or marblehornets mode.

      • I don’t wanna give out any date yet but you can expect an unlocker for 20$ mode next week.

  7. Anonymous said

    there’s tons of guides on how to do this on a PC, and everywhere I see that this is PC/MAC compatible, but I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve gotten to the point where I have the registry files, but obviously I can’t do anything with them because its not windows. Any advice?

  8. Ace said

    How do you get the “gimme 20$ mode”? I finished the day time mode twice and I still get nothing. Can you make an unlock for Gtd, please?

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