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Unlock All Extras for Slender: The Eight Pages v0.9.7

Posted by CoreCapator on 12/09/2012

A simple registry file that unlocks all extras in Slender: The Eight Pages v0.9.7

– Marble Hornets Mode
– Daytime Mode
– Glowstick (Flashlight replacement)
– Crank Lantern (Flashlight replacement)

– Slender: The Eight Pages v0.9.7 for Windows

1. Extract this archive.
2. Run “Unlock All Extras for Slender The Eight Pages v0.9.7.reg” and click on “Yes” when prompted.
3. Run the game, and select your desired modes which can be found under “Extras” button on main menu.

1. Run “Uninstaller.reg” and click on “Yes” when prompted.

Mod Version:
v0.1 (Latest)

Download Link:
Download from Game Front
Download from Hotfile

VirusTotal Link:
VirusTotal Scan Result

Click on thumbnail to enlarge.
Extras Selection Screen, Slender

Change Log:
– Initial Release

40 Responses to “Unlock All Extras for Slender: The Eight Pages v0.9.7”

  1. Anonymous said

    how do i un unlock the extras (delete them)

    • TheHuntingPals said

      Maybe you should read under “Uninstallation” that’s below “Installation” on this page.

  2. Anonymous said

    how do i extract

  3. Anonymous said

    How do I run the file??

  4. jay redd said

    is there any cheats to slender

  5. Anonymous said

    Nice mod, but for some reason when I combined it with LostEffect, he vanished. I still heard the noises, but could not see him.

  6. J said

    Emm…Where do I place this mod about

  7. Anonymous said

    i dont get it

  8. David said

    What does marble hornet mode do?

    • fataljin said

      its just like a guy is watching a tape you can only collect about 3 pages then slender gets you so its jsuta tape entry

  9. PaulyD said


  10. anonymous said

    how do i extract this file? I have 7-zip for windows 64-bit but i have no idea how to extract the archive? What do i do after?

    • Anonymous said

      You just run it and then you get a popup saying aboit the registry and you click yes and run the game

  11. andrew said

    where is the extras button?

  12. Anonymous said

    Where do i extract it to * Using WinRAR*

  13. yo mama said

    awesome mod! (•‿•)

  14. Anonymous said

    i tried the guide were do i extract and when i try to runn the game it comes up with “the keys and values contained in C:\Users\Christian\Appdata\Local\Temp\Rar$DI28.098\Unlock All Extras for Slender The Eight Pages v0.9.7.reg have been successfully added to the registry.” yet it still dosnt work? why?

  15. julesbrn said

    The file is safe. It’s only a .reg file, meaning it only adds some values, I looked at the values, they are only related to slender. If you are paranoid though this is how you would do it. First you need to run the game to set the values, maybe even play for a few minutes.Now open regedit then go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Parsec Productions\Slender” There you will find values. You just need to edit the one that says day time. double click it make sure hexadecimal is set, then type 1 where it says value data. press ok then play. it’s as simple as that.

    • Yep, you said it, except that you don’t need to run the game before using the registry file as it adds all the needed entries to the registry.

  16. Anonymous said

    it wont let me extract it

  17. anonymous said

    .reg? Yeah I don’t care if you claim it’s safe I’m not gonna edit my system registry just to cheat a damn game.

    If this was like a .cfg (example) file to replace in the game’s gamedata folder I’d understand. Plus this shit won’t work on Linux or OSX.

  18. BlueLife22 said

    Thanks Bro. I’m gonna trick my friends into thinking I beat the game.

  19. Anonymous said

    Is this safe?

  20. alexmuranaka said

    thanks man!
    i was looking for a 100% savegame from slender, i was too pussy to play on night so i was looking for a save with daylight mode!
    thanks man!😀

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